Meet Our Founder

Michael started to research the power of whole foods, plant-based diet, a diet for healing chronic diseases.


After making the switch to a low protein diet, he began to experience increases in energy, mood, sleep, and appetite.


His lower cholesterol levels that allowed him to completely come off medications his doctors told him he would have to rely on.


At 25, HappyPlate’s founder, Michael Tadesse, was diagnosed with an end-stage chronic kidney disease. At the time, Michael was living his American Dream, working in the financial district of New York City.

He was shocked to hear this dreadful news and realized he had two options: He could view this as a death sentence, or he could take his health into his own hands and make lifestyle changes.


Inspired by his life changing experience, he poured his efforts into a new version of his American Dream-empowering others by sharing the healing benefits of carefully-curated diets.


He formed HappyPlate out of a deeply personal passion for changing the way we view healthcare and a desire to put this powerful tool into the hands, and kitchens, of the masses.